Construction Updates



October 2022
  • Completed plumbing demolition.
  • Completed excavation of the entrance headhouse.
  • Completed shoring at the entrance headhouse.
  • Continued electrical rough in along Platforms I and II.
  • Poured concrete walls for egress houses.
  • Removed duct bank along entrance headhouse.
September 2022
  • Completed excavation at egress headhouses.
  • Completed testing and installation of micropiles at egress headhouse #2.
  • Poured concrete foundation for egress headhouse #2.
  • Began excavation of the entrance headhouse.
  • Began shoring at the entrance headhouse.
August 2022
  • Demobilized and removed MPT along 7th Street – Watermain work complete.
  • Demolished tile and metal wall panels in the Concourse.
  • Began electrical rough in work at Concourse and Platforms.
  • Began excavation along 6th Street egress headhouses.
  • Removed concrete cover, granite wall panels, and recessed stair treads at the 6th Street egress headhouses.
July 2022
  • A new conduit rack has been installed on track 1.
  • Road restoration is being prepared.
  • Watermain pipe in to Race Street installed and completed.
  • Water shutdown was completed for watermain pipe.
  • The connection at Vine Street was completed.
June 2022
  • Watermain pipe is installed successfully.
  • Platform work is happening at night, with both platforms being power washed.
  • Tactile edge work on platform 1 is ongoing and will last through July.
  • Shoring and excavating for the entrance house has begun and will continue.
May 2022
  • Bus shelter on 7th Street and Race Streets has been removed.
  • Watermain pipe work has begun.
  • Tree protection work completed with no issues.
  • Security walls being installed to separate concourse from platforms.
  • Approximately 30% of the water mainline is complete.
  • Water line across 7th Street is complete.
  • Temporary concourse walls are being installed on both platforms.
April 2022
  • Traffic controls put in place overnight. Traffic is operating with no issues.
  • Installed lateral tie-ins for inlets, two of three inlets are now completed.
  • A track outage is successfully completed to run a temporary powerline through the station into an existing electrical room.
February 2022 Construction for the Franklin Square Station begins.